"Changing your attitude is the most important thing you can do to create the life of your dreams. Joan Gustafson shows you exactly how - in 9 easy steps. Outstanding!"
-- Rick Beneteau, Best-selling author of Success: A Spiritual Matter

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"Joan Gustafson has an exceptional ability to bring others to the same level of dedication and passion she has for the task at hand. She coaches and builds confidence in others to reach higher than they've ever reached before. Many careers and lives have blossomed under her tutelage. She is a living example of what she teaches."
-- Joan C. McBride, retired, 3M Public Relations
and Corporate Communications Department

Fri. August 18, 2017

Dear Friend,

If you've been feeling you want more success, happiness, or fulfillment in your life - but don't believe deep down it's really possible - I'm here to tell you that:

  1. It definitely IS possible, and...
  2. You can easily learn how to make it happen!

However, it probably won't happen unless you do some things differently.

Now that I've said that, let me ask you: Wouldn't it make sense to learn the secrets of success and happiness from someone who's actually achieved every single important goal she ever set for herself - no matter how out of reach it might have seemed at the time?

Imagine being able to learn from the successes and mistakes of a remarkably successful individual without making the mistakes yourself. And further imagine getting an amazing "shortcut" to success, simply by absorbing the life-altering strategies and principles it took her years to hone and perfect!

Well, this is your opportunity to do just that.

You have the chance to get inside the brilliant mind of a very special and successful entrepreneur - a woman who has not only accomplished everything she's set out to do, but has people clamoring to show them how she did it.

And you can learn it all in one afternoon.


When Dr. Audri Lanford met Joan Gustafson, she recognized immediately what an exceptional person she was. Joan radiates a positive attitude that's absolutely contagious, affecting everyone around her in an uplifting way.

Since Audri has achieved a great deal of success herself, she knew she had to find out what makes this highly successful person tick. So she convinced Joan to sit down for an interview, so together they could put down on paper all of the brilliant strategies and approaches that have made Joan the wonderfully successful person she is today.

ebook cover The result is a new ebook (in PDF format), titled Success Without Struggle™: How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude.

By developing a winning attitude towards everything she did, Joan went from being a seriously ill single mom, told by her doctor that she would "never work again," to having an incredibly successful life. She achieved enormous work success in a high level international management position at 3M, and great personal success as she found and married "the love of her life." She retired early from corporate America to become an award-winning international speaker, author, and leadership coach.

She's now also on the faculty of the University of Phoenix, where she teaches graduate level courses in International Management and e-Business. And she gets paid high fees to teach other people how to do for themselves exactly what she has done.

Just by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, you'll be privy to the winning strategies Joan has used to get everything she's ever wanted.

However, before you scroll down, take just a couple of minutes to get an idea of the kinds of discoveries you'll make.

In Success Without Struggle™: How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude, you'll learn:

* Ten simple, positive, no-fail strategies for injecting success into every area of your life.
* Exactly what kinds of goals to set for yourself - and how to break them down into easily doable steps that will get you from where you are to where you want to go before you know it!
* How to avoid becoming overwhelmed... and get more done easily than you ever thought possible!
* Why taking time off isn't a bad thing - in fact, it can actually help you reach your goals more quickly! (How great is that?)
* The one incredibly important thing that only 10% of business owners do and why it's no coincidence that they're the most successful 10%!
* How to laugh your way to better health and greater success!
* What the three C's are and why it's critically important for you to avoid them.

Plus, Joan shares nine very specific, easy-to-implement steps to creating a more positive attitude. You'll learn:

* How to eliminate worry from your life (yes, it really can be done!).
* How to automatically get people to respond positively when they see you - each and every time.
* How "failures" can be turned around and lead to opportunities you might never have considered before.
* And much, much more!

This is, very simply, one of the most uplifting, motivating, information-rich ebooks you'll ever read. A remarkable amount of wisdom is packed into about 45 pages. How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude can help you completely turn around your life - and lead you to accomplishments you previously thought were out of your reach!

In fact, we guarantee that How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude will make a huge difference in how you approach your business and personal life, and in doing so, how much more success, happiness, and fulfillment you will enjoy!

Yet, regardless of how wonderful we may think this ebook is, the words of our readers speak much more powerfully. So, here's what just a few of the first readers have said and allowed us to share with you about How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude.

"If you could read only one book to help you transform your life into a smashing success -- this should be it!"
-- Bill Heinrich, President, Symmetry Springs, Escondido, California

"Kudos, Joan! Finally - a book that easily and systematically lays out exactly how to control your destiny... and achieve ultimate success!"
-- Kim Brownlee, President, My Mom's Toffee Factory & Sweets Shoppe, Inc.

"This is the best book ever written on how to control your destiny through your attitude. If you want 'something more' in your life, you've just found the easiest path to getting it."
-- Sue Schwartz, District Manager, Jafra Cosmetics International, Sun Lakes, Arizona

"Most people's attitudes work against them. That's why they are not coming close to achieving the success they want. This important book can change that - and it's so easy to understand and put into practice."
-- Dr. Debra Brittain Davenport, Master Professional Mentor™ and President, DaveportFolio, Inc.

"Absolute magic! 'How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude' provides the tools to help you create the life you want for yourself. It's almost hard to believe that it's so simple - yet it works like a charm!"
-- Michele Paccione, DanceGlam.com, Harrington Park, New Jersey

"Filled with common sense and so much wisdom, 'How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude,' is going to make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many people. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to create an extraordinary life."
-- Vicki Tolman, Fabulous 50's Elite Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, Gilbert, Arizona

"This ebook can help anyone - of any age - improve the quality of their life. Clear, concise and practical advice!"
-- PJ Bouchard, President, EMERGE International, and co-author of Getting Your Shift Together: Making Sense of Organizational Culture and Change: Introducing Cultural Due Diligence

And, we have 5 fantastic bonuses
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* Bonus #1: Often, the most difficult part of gaining the benefits from what you learn is figuring out how to apply the ideas to your own life. Therefore, we've created a 10-week inspirational - and practical - follow-up e-course to help you gain the most from How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude.

During this 10-week follow-up e-course, Joan will share even more specific ideas, stories, and inspiration to help you apply each of her ten winning strategies for success.

* Bonus #2: "The TalkBiz Guide to Getting ANYTHING You Want From Life."
Paul Myers, writer and marketing whiz, means what he says when he says you can get ANYTHING. This guide explains exactly, step-by-step, how to recognize what you really want, how to break it down into simple, easily accomplished steps, and how to overcome inertia to get it all! With this report, you'll have the power to:
  • Design the perfect life, the life that will truly make you outrageously happy.
  • Eliminate the negative influences and habits that are holding you back.
  • Accomplish many of your most important goals - now!
The treasure trove (in Adobe PDF format) will be yours instantly as soon as you order How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude!

* Bonus #3+4: "The Secrets of the Universe."
An Interview with Dr. Paul Hartunian: This is one interview you definitely don't want to miss! Dr. Paul Hartunian - featured on The Phil Donahue Show, The Jenny Jones Show, The Regis Philbin Show, Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, Smart Money, CNN News, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and over 1,000 other radio and TV talk shows, and who's best known as "the guy who sold the Brooklyn Bridge" (yes, it's true!) - shows you:
  • The fastest - and safest - way to achieve the results you want in any situation.
  • A "failproof" way to pull yourself out of a slump.
  • How to take advantage of the opportunities available now - and actually benefit from economic downturns and doldrums.
  • What "Turkey shoots" are - and why they're critically important to your success.
  • And much, much more.

This audio interview (in MP3 format and the transcript in PDF format) is yours instantly when you order How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude!

* Bonus #5: "Joan Gustafson's 52 Favorite Inspirational and Motivational Quotations."
Joan shares with you her personal favorite inspirational and motivational quotes. She's never revealed all these before. You can use them every day to help you control your destiny through your attitude!

These inspiring quotes (in Adobe PDF format) are yours instantly when you order How to Control Your Destiny Through Your Attitude!

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